Mobile Forensic Lab :

Digitpol's Mobile Forensic Lab enables the recovery of data from drones, computers, mobile phones and portable devices on the spot in our mobile forensic lab. The Mobile Lab is capable of recovering data from seized devices such as, Locations, Documents, SMS, Calls, Emails, Media, VoIP data, GPS, Internet History, Whatsapp, Viber, Signal, Telegram, Deleted Data, Cloud Sources and all Cell ID Data. The Lab is also fully enabled to carry out Wireless Surveys, Detect Rough Transmissions such as rogue basestations, WiFi, GSM and more.

 Password Recovery Forensic Lab :

Many software packages, including MS WORD and EXCEL, permit users to password protecttheir files. As a result, a forensics examiner may sometimes have to use software in order to“crack” the password-encrypted file. There are numerous pieces of software that will performthis function (seeor perform a Google search on password recovery  discuss using PRTK from FTK to recover passwords, but we will be usingdifferent software in this lab.