Material analysis Forensic Lab :

Forensic analysis is the use of scientific processes and methods in criminal investigation and refers to the collecting, identifying, preserving and examining of scientific evidence during an investigation. This can involve being present at the scene of the crime to physically collect the evidence samples as well as the analysing procedures that can be carried out in a laboratory.

Vechicle identification number (VIN) and engine number 

examination devices Forensic Lab :

The basic subject of the article is the issue of digital vehicle identification, which can be especially utilised for forensic, technical and administrative purposes. The article is based on a three-year research of newly produced vehicles over the course of years 2018–2021 at the Police academy in Bratislava, Slovak Republic. Over 250 vehicle models from 43 manufacturers worldwide have been researched for the various characteristics of their digital identifiers. The article defines the terms of public and non-public digital vehicle identifiers and explores their basic properties – their placement in vehicle components, their quantities, repeatability, structure, informational content, protective elements, the issue of their permanence, suitable protocols and reading devices, particularities and practical utility.