Face Recognition & comparison Forensic Lab:

In this chapter, we will first explain the current means of comparing faces used by forensic science laboratories. It is a nonautomated process performed by forensic examiners and has been referred to as facial “photographic comparison” or forensic facial identification. Next, we will outline the innovative ways in which facial recognition systems are being used by the forensic community. Lastly, we will discuss the growing future of facial biometrics in the legal system and the increasing (not decreasing) need for human examiners to perform facial identification in combination with the automated facial recognition systems

Finger Print Forensic Lab:

We know that for the characterization of individuals, we need a technique to distinguish them. Fingerprints are long term markers of human identity. One can recognize a person not only when he is living, but also after his death using fingerprints. Fingerprints are infallible means of identification. Interestingly we are using fingerprints and recording them for about 120 years and to date, no two fingerprints have been identified to be similar. We are using them perpetually for the identification of humans and especially in the field of forensics for criminal investigation

Forensic photography Lab:

Forensic photography known as crime scene photography is the creation of visual records of accidents, crime scenes and the like for measurement, analysis, investigations and as a permissible evidence in the court of law. It is defined as the activity that documents the original appearance of the incident scene along with the available physical evidence . 

Forensic photography has evolved as a crucial method to visually document a crime scene for records and investigation. And if your mind is leading you to think of it as a cool and intriguing profession, then hold on! This kind of photography isn’t charming, it isn’t about capturing the picturesque. Forensic photography would often be about capturing the goriest and most macabre of events. This photography is not to satiate one’s hobby or passion. Such photographers always have a specific purpose for capturing each image